A downloadable game for Linux

Build, grow, manufacture, meet demand.

A prototype of a Capitalism II clone with Mini Metro-like graphics and bits of Transport Tycoon and Factorio.

Made for Linux Game Jam 2017 in 3 days or so and with multiplayer in mind, therefore absolutely not done. Basically, you can press some buttons and nothing will happen.

To "play" just run supply.sh

Some things you can do:

  • navigate the map with WASD
  • zoom with Q and E
  • click on buildings to enter them
  • use the B button on the left to build stuff
    • click R to build roads
    • click other stuff to build different kinds of buildings and businesses
  • enter businesses and build entities (currently only seedbed)
  • choose what to grow (it won't actually grow)

Some things you will be able to do later:

  • build different types of businesses capable of doing different work
  • create chains of machinery to produce hundreds if not thousands of different products with different properties
  • use trucks to ship stuff from one building to another
  • sell products in stores of different sizes and configurations
  • observe how thousands of customers with differrent traits, quirks and social status choose to buy your product (or not)
  • play with or against your friends

Please give me some money if you're interested in getting this done!

    Published Mar 20, 2017
    Tagsbusiness, Economy
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse


    supply-linux-amd64.tar.gz 49 MB